Wake Me Up When They Start Playing 7's; See You In Tokyo.

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Well it is an interesting week in sports but is there anything worth writing about?  The stories across the sporting world include Snoop Dogg putting on a stripper show at The University of Kansas preseason kickoff event, that’s right Snoop, at a school sanctioned event in the Allen Field-house with strippers… and Snoop’s uncensored Music.  And officials from KU claiming “they thought Snoop would put on a clean show” yeah… I am pretty sure nobody is believing that. There is no real way that I could even venture into the historical precedent that would lead to calling the officials at Kansas potentially being the dumbest people ever in a way that is within the PG-13 rating I try to maintain on this blog.   I won’t spend too much time on the allegations that Ben Stokes assaulted his wife after the PCA (pro cricketer association) awards show… yeah that exists, talk about a party!! I will leave that alone.
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Obviously those of you who know, know that I would love to be writing about Rugby. (or cricket)  However I am choosing to pretend that the USA is not currently in the bottom of their pool in Japan, with a -92 score differential.  I had some hope for the match last night against Argentina, but that ended in a 47-17 loss for the USA.  Their most respectable loss to date in the Cup, but certainly not a performance that is going to be helping them to advance to the knockout stages.  So I am going to remove that from consideration for today’s blog.
Home triumph for USA in GlendaleI am going to talk about rugby, because I think it is awesome and should be more popular in this country. As I mentioned to kick off the World Cup I think there are dark forces at play keeping it down in the USA. I will however talk about the Rugby that the USA is good at, the faster, arguably more entertaining type, Sevens.  As I mentioned back in early June the USA men’s 7’s team is pretty damn good.  And as it turns out so is the Women’s team, taking first in the HSBC Sevens series this past weekend, taking the title in a definitive 26-7 victory over Australia.  7’s is becoming a force within the sport and even being added to the Olympics coming up.  The USA men and Women both finished 2nd in the 2019 standings and the women are out to a great lead in first for 2020, sure to be competitive coming in the Tokyo games next year.
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So have your fun now “rest of the world” 7’s are coming and the USA is good.  When there is speed and offence involved, none of the slow stalemate of soccer, or cricket or even rugby union, that isn’t going to get the Americans going, but get a little open field and watch them go.
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