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I Made The Mistake Of Watching USA Cricket.

USA cricket sucks, no I don’t mean the wireless provider with the obnoxious animated characters in the commercials, I mean the sport team.If you are saying, “I didn’t know the US had a team” you would be partly correct, I am not sure anyone told the guys on the team that the US has a team either.As the biggest anti-fan of cricket I have ever met I thought I would at least take a look into the local squad and see if they had anything to offer. I knew they were not going to be impressive, they are playing in the “League 2” world cup right now… League 2, I don’t care if it is a sport that Americans have never heard of, a little pride please, there is a standard to uphold in international contests.Losing in sports that we don’t care about is acceptable, Cricket, and soccer being the most notable, but at least qualify.Bangladesh qualified for the real world cup… Bangladesh. (We won’t bring up the embarrassment in a sport that the USA is good at, Basketball, because well, it’s basketball) …

Kissing Your Sister, The Worst Feeling. But The Best England Can Hope For.

“Tying is like kissing your sister” The long held mantra of coaches meant to illustrate that while a tie is not going home with nothing it is certainly less than an ideal outcome.Now I really don’t know who came up with this one (it was Duffy Daugherty, but he coached at Michigan State so we will pretend he doesn't exist), but certainly not a coach who felt they got lucky with the tie, which is certainly the case sometimes.Or maybe it was a coach who felt they should have won and knew that the idea of kissing one’s sister might be worse than nothing at all.Personally I never minded the phrase, I don’t have a sister, so I just assumed that my teammates who had sisters would share… which was not always an unappealing proposition. (You know who you are) I digress.Point being ties suck, most of the time. As anyone who has had a cold streak in blackjack will tell you, sometimes a push feels like a win. Following week one of the NFL season there was one tie, Detroit at Arizona.A Detro…

The Indian Cricket Board Goes Toe-To-Toe with NFL Bafoonary on Domestic Violence

Well folks I am almost prepared to accept cricket as a real sport, not quite but a little bit. And it is for one reason only; the ineptitude of the governing body.Recently the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India…. Sick name) has stated that they have “no concern in personal matters” which sounds a lot like the NFL’s stance on domestic violence as well.
On Tuesday a court in India issued an arrest warrant for Indian national team Fast-Bowler Mohammed Shami, he will have to turn himself in within 15 days.Currently India is playing a test series in the West Indies, I am guessing that the extradition policy there is pretty lax, not suggesting you just don’t go home Mohammed, but it seems like a real option.Now accusations of domestic violence are nothing to be taken lightly, (Though based on past practice Roger Goodell thinks differently) and I do not want to confuse anything.Shami, is not accused of hitting, or physically abusing his wife in anyway, or at least not according to …