Update: I Still Hate Ben "Ginger Garbage" Stokes.

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Can someone please please reach out and explain to me why the hell people are still fans of this idiot. This absolute trash human, easily my least favorite human on the face of the earth (Drake is close) but Ben Stokes is a clear winner in my world.( If you are not aware of this history I strongly recommend reading these first: Why Cricket Sucks and I declare a Feud and Stokes Accepts Feud)  I do not understand how this dumb-ass is still embraced by the cricketing society.  I am pretty fed up with it, and yeah I know that I am in a nation that is completely irrelevant in the sport of cricket. And I mean REALLY irrelevant; the USA 20Twenty team just lost to Canada, Canada, let that sink in……..FREAKING CANADA!!! Those soft mamby-pamby canucks, the same ones who felt the USWNT celebration was a bit much! (Also a former blog)
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I digress, the point being I am not a voice that can shape the cricket landscape, even though I am pretty hot on the cricketing scene in Ukraine (shout out those four loyal readers).  But there has to be someone who can put a stop to this guy.  A recent twitter dive into sports media India (pretty big into cricket there)revealed that there are sane people out there who find him to be more than a little overrated.
 And honestly he is more than a little annoying these days, I don’t like anyone who takes themselves too seriously, like calm down bruv.  (Apologize for the language in the below tweet.)

(yeah that’s right I learned how to imbed tweets instead of just posting screen shots. CAN I RUN ADS NOW GOOGLE!?!??!?!?!? *shakes fist at the sky like someone who is angry and doesn’t quite understand “The Cloud”*)

Oh, yeah I know what you are thinking, “how’d you see that, doesn’t he have you blocked” well, twitter rookies, I have several accounts, and I won’t stop until he blocks them all.
Now there are some of you who may be thinking but he is pretty good, and seems to be helping England to win a lot and doesn’t that outweigh some transgressions? And that is an interesting question, I can see as an England fan where you might be inclined to let that slide in exchange for a world up and the return of the ashes.  PERHAPS if OJ hadn’t won the Heisman he would have gone to prison? And if he had a super bowl ring he wouldn’t have even been a suspect. Can success overcome character flaws?  Bill Cosby has 8 Emmys, I am not about to think he is absolved. 
Stokes may be one of the more prolific batsmen in the world right now and seems to be a reliable option bowling, (DUH #2 all-rounder) but honestly is that worth propping up this hideous jack-wagon?  I know there are some of you out there who grow tired of the cricket content, and I don’t care if nobody read this far, I need to at least once a month exercise my disdain for my mortal enemy. Want a free PR lesson Mr. Stokes?  When some no-name idiot from across the world talks junk on twitter, mute him, he will never know, but you blocked me.  You (or more likely someone on your team who can be trusted to not tweet racist things) let me know that I had gotten to you, and that has really been what has kept me going, that is what fuels my rage for you.

Go Australia, best of luck in the 4th test, I am wishing for a Golden Duck when Stokes holds the Willow.