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Is This the Real Life? Or is This Just Fantasy (Football)?

Football is back, almost. But there is a season that has kicked off, the season of “you in?” and the season of “I don’t know about this year, I just don’t have the time” (mainly only from the mouths of last season’s losers), it is that time when the Fantasy football league commissioners are scrambling to get the rosters cemented.The sad scramble to make sure you aren’t going to have to do the sad shuffle into a lame 8 man league.The fight with that one newcomer who tries to tell you that ESPN is way better than I digress, that is only relate-able to the select few of us who have earned the honor and the privilege to be a league commissioner.
But for the lay fantasy team owner, (or are we going to have to go to governor like the NBA?) this is the time of year you are entering into a spirited debate with your fellow owners over a draft date and trying to decide who is worth drafting, and which one of your idiot friends is going to take a kicker first.There are some hot battles …

Hope Solo Thinks The World Cup Champs Still Need Her Crazy Ass

After one of the most dominating performances in FIFA history, former US women’s national team goal keeper Hope Solo still thinks the team can’t win without her. (A concern I addressed in one of my first blogs previewing the World Cup, read it here)The notably outspoken and occasionally violent Solo said in a statement that she was concerned that the current 28 members of the USWNT will “surrender” in her absence. (Recent history and Alyssa Naeher refute these claims) Of course she isn’t talking about on field wins and losses, Solo is adding her own equal pay lawsuit to the docket, independent of the current one in mediation by the active members of the team.Hope Solo’s motion says that she feels the team’s willingness to accept mediation is already a sign that they are backing down and compromising their positions.While these implications of cowardice could be biting and hurtful under some circumstance, calling people cowards is something of a hobby for Solo, and it is starting to l…

Tom Brady's Arm Strength Remains an Off-season Issue in Cliff Jump Video

Everyone wants to take shots at a dynasty, the "Hate us 'cuz they ain't us" crowd is stronger nowhere than around the New England Patriots.  A video of Tom Brady jumping off of a cliff with his 6 year old daughter.In the video is daughter is a little reluctant and Brady gives her a little pull in along with him. (Not violent, about 25% of the pulling force of a Trump handshake)There are a multitude of outraged people online, claiming that his pulling of his daughter was uncalled for, or even the overall jump was far too dangerous for the kid. These are ridiculous for several reasons. Firstly the idea that a parent giving their kid a little push into something they are afraid of is unreasonable is how we end up with weak whiney kids who don’t like to do anything they don’t want to do.Wonder why Timmy won’t get a job, well you told him he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t like, not a great plan for the future.I bet if the camera kept rolling that little girl jumpe…

Has Kocky Koepka Krossed the Line?

As some of you know I get pretty hyped up around the majors of golf, mainly the masters, and the US open is kind of a joke, but still I enjoy the majors.Who doesn’t?In the minds of many they are the only tournaments that really matter.Jack Nicklaus clearly thinks this, not concerning himself with the number of other wins that anyone player has, and he should be shaking in his boots with Tiger knocking on the door (as I talked about in a previous blog (LINK)).

More importantly than has-been old Jack (I know calling an elderly man a “has been” is redundant, but I do like taking shots at the old bear) we have one of the young(ish) guns on the scene taking some major shots at non-major tournaments.Earlier today Brooks Koepka (not South African) made a comment in a press conference that he didn’t practice for normal tournaments and “when you see me on TV that is when I play golf.”I have consumed enough Koepka content to know that this is not him being cocky, he isn’t an NBA player just t…

My Cricket Bracket is Busted, I write a non-Ben Stokes Cricket Blog

Well let me start by saying something I won’t often say, “At no point in this article am I going to direct hate at Ben Stokes.”  Stokes was almost a non-factor in today’s competition, never coming up to bat, and bowling a very average four overs, allowing 22 runs.  

IF you don’t know why this is significant, you really need to read these first (links: This oneDefinitely This one,  Also this oneand the one that started it all )

What really deserves some looks today is the fact that my bracket has been busted, as most of you well know I have had Australia for a while, and was pretty ardent in my last blog that I felt they had a considerable edge over England.Today we learned that was not true, with England beating the team from down under by 8 wickets (translation: A LOT).The Aussies put up a relatively meager 223 runs before going all out.But still at the innings break I had hope, hope that the Aussies could have equally impressive defense and England too could be held to a Run Rat…

Leprechaun Look-Alike Ben Stokes Slides Closer to Cricket Pot-of-Gold

It has been a while since we got into cricket, and I understand some of you are unfamiliar with the sport itself, and that is really irrelevant to what I am about to say.But if you are intrinsically curious, I learned everything I know from Wikipedia and following the world cup. Since I last dove into the ICC 2019 world cup I was hot on the Windies train, and had nothing but visceral despise for England and their Fiery haired All-Rounder Ben Stokes. (Who many of you will know is a garbage human and has me blocked on twitter like a petulant child)Since that time regrettably the West Indies have fallen to the bottom of the table and eliminated themselves from qualifying contention.They have one match left against India who has already locked up a Semi-Final berth, along with Australia and (unfortunately) England, with New Zealand sitting in the 4 spot right now only potentially being dislodged by Pakistan spanking Bangladesh in record setting fashion. You will note that I mention Engl…

Keep Whining England, It is the Only thing You've Dominated since '76

So England thinks that America is too cocky? Too arrogant? Maybe putting the cart before the horse a little? (or the carriage before the lorry, however they would say it in their fruity vernacular) However you want to phrase it, my answer to their accusation is this.You think we get a little cocky? YEP, you think maybe there is a little bit of an assumption that the US of A is going to run your ass over? Probably correct. You know why that is the case? History, it has happened before.Now I am aware that the United Kingdom is all proud of their history, but they do like to leave out the last 243 years or so as their empire has shrunk from a 3rd of the globe to a small rainy island barely bigger than Minnesota. The United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) takes on the squad of limeys today in the FIFA women’s world cup, and the England Coach Phil Neville has had some issues with the American’s way of operating.
"It's not an unfair advantage. It'll have no…