WORLD CUP WEDNESDAY: Alex Morgan Nut Taps the Team From Bangkok

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Now my intention was to have a “Wicket Wednesday” each week and break down white-hot action of the last seven days in the always exciting sport of cricket.  However, that joke of a sport has had their matches rained out most of the last week.  So I apologize no cricket news this week really, but I will continue to go deep into that trench so you don’t have to and report back about the abysmally boring ICC world cup. (England and that baby-back b**ch Ben Stokes take on my boys from the West Indies this Friday)
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                Obviously this World Cup Wednesday will have to be focused on the FIFA Women’s World Cup.  If you are a subscriber of this blog (which according to what I can see nobody is) you are aware that I have been excited about this for a while, and I had just a little bit of a crush brewing around Alex Morgan.  I mention this and include the LINK HERE just to prove that I was on this at least a month before the performance yesterday.  I am not claiming to be an early adopter, but certainly not the most recent to hop on the bandwagon. 
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                That being said, wow, what a pounding.  Easily the worst thing to happen to Thailand since teenage boys realized the capitol was Bangkok (and hilarity ensues).  In case you aren’t aware the U.S. does not have a sterling record of humanitarian excellence on the Indochinese Peninsula.  It would be in poor taste to describe the US Women’s National Team’s 13-0 victory over Thailand as a massacre given the history in the region… But there are few words that better describe the absolute decimation of those poor Thai players on Tuesday night. A double wide Goal-Keeper would not have helped the nation formerly known as Siam (Siamese Twins, double-wide, it's a joke) The last time the United States demoralized an opponent such a way was the ’83 invasion of Grenada. (Which of course was when the entire force of the US military machine came crashing down to invade a small Caribbean island with a population ten-thousand less than the town of Davenport, Iowa.)
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(1 of 5 in case you missed it)

                That notwithstanding it is a world cup you showed up, you qualified, you got a tough draw game one, but you qualified for the biggest stage in the sport and there is no reason for you to expect a team to call off the dogs.  They subbed everyone they could sub, and even the rookie put one in.  So to the Canadian Women calling it “Classless” this coming from a nation that is still in the wake of cheering for Kevin Durant’s injury AND once beat Denmark in Hockey 47-0.  Dear Canada, there is a reason your nation is a punchline, if you think that you’re so great why don’t you put your monopoly money where your mouth is and face us in the knockout round.  I believe the first time this is possible is June 29th with a lot of variables falling into place.  Any way I digress, shut up Canada, this isn’t Rec League, and the tournament is based on goal differential.
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                It is this type of performance that makes women’s soccer so much more popular, name another women’s sport that gets air time on a major network.  I could not find a way to watch a single WNBA, or LFL game if I tried. (That is Legends Football League, not the acronym you would guess) Even the men’s tournament is relegated to ESPN.  I am all for this popularity, they have earned it.  I hope they beat the living crap out of Chile on Sunday and fly the bird to Canada. I really want my girl Alex Morgan to continue to outscore every other team in the tournament. Also, let’s get Mallory Pugh some more minutes, no reason, just seems like a good kid.  I could go on and on about this, it is slowly becoming a favorite of mine, but given that cricket stays boring I would assume I will have next World Cup Wednesday to continue gushing about these ladies.
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 (Also, if you remember my concern about goal-tending with the absence of Hope Solo from the first blog, that has been subsided now seeing that the USWNT has yet to allow a shot)