Time to pick a Victory Song, @BenStokes38 is a Coward

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Well folks I never thought this day would come, somehow a couple of blogs about what is by some brand of insanity, the second most popular sport in the world, Cricket.  Now I only recently did research on the popularity of the sport and found out that the last ICC world cup was viewed by 2.2 Billion, (with a B) people, putting me squarely in the minority.   I have adopted the West Indies as my team, right now they are not doing well in their innings against Australia.  But I care far less about their victories right now than I do about England losing, and more specifically I wish for the personal defeat of fiery all-rounder Ben Stokes. I called this man out in previous blogs (Here and here), and decided to somewhat jokingly declare a “beef” with him on twitter. (Mind you I say joking, make no mistake my disdain for this pile of garbage is not a joke, but declaring a beef was a half-joke)   I called him out for looking like his biggest fear should be the sun, and for straight up sucking against Pakistan.  Nothing major, nothing personal, in fact I didn’t do any research on the guy.  But recently there has been a development and I am ready to go low.
The Candy-Ass blocked me on Twitter.

Make no mistake this is a Win for me.  This means that the highest paid overseas player of all time, was aware enough of my presence to block me, WILD.  This ginger moron (or someone on his social team) took the time to block me for declaring a one way feud, well guess what it is no longer one way Mr. Stokes.  This frikkin Guy, I didn’t even go into his stupid tattoos all over his back.

The fact that the description of his book cites his “Stature” at 6’0” I do not consider that to be exceptional stature, not as far as professional athletes go.  I left out the fact that he grew up in a town called “Cockermouth” read that again, Cockermouth. (No offense to the good people of Cockermouth, but really?)  I left out the fact that he has been arrested several times for getting in fights, or that he once mocked a disabled child online. Which caused him to lose his New Balance sponsorship, sorry for the ricochet shot New Balance, but honestly? That is the best shoe deal you could get, a brand most popular to be seen worn by a 57 year old man at a backyard barbecue ... typical cricket.  

Listen the dude is apparently good at Cricket, whatever that is worth.  But he is a head-case and an asshole and I don’t feel bad at all for taking shots at the prick.  I love the fact that he dignified me with a block on twitter, if he thinks that will stop me he is wrong. If anything this beef has just been legitimized and my anti-Ben Stokes fervor has been renewed.  I hope you get dominated by Afghanistan on Tuesday.  Moreover I hope that you see this and it drives you over the edge and you get yourself banned again.  Though I am assuming your history doesn’t allow you to manage your own media accounts. 
It’s not over Stokes. The way I see it We’ve only just begun.

P.s. Been seeing some interesting page view numbers in Germany and Ireland? are those for real? Let me know @brockjersey on twitter. 


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