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Drake v. Draymond has Nothing on the Drama Brewing in the Spelling Bee World

There has been a crime against humanity committed.If not humanity certainly against competition, and without a doubt an all-out abomination of the word "champion".For those of you who were looking to take in some televised competition yesterday, but the cricket world cup was a little too fast paced for you. (Shout out West Indies demolishing Pakistan by seven wickets.)And naturally you weren’t watching the NBA finals, because who cares, you know that sport is a joke when the biggest story-line from a game one upset is Drake yelling at players, classy…. Classy. So no CWC or NBA, but you still had a craving for the intensity and the drama of competition, well then there was only one option.The greatest tradition in all spelling, hands down the premier academic contest that focuses entirely on middle-schoolers spelling words.Now there are lots of spelling competitions, but I think any student of the game would agree that the Scripps national spelling bee has been on top of the…

Ben Freakin' Stokes Proves Cricket Sucks

A sideways hat donning Ginger is Lighting it up, further proving that Cricket is a joke.Because you definitely missed it, here is a quick update, written by me, based on my knowledge of the sport:
In just the first of the 2019 ICC Cricket world cup the left-handed English All-Rounder lit up the pitch scoring 89 runs and surviving more than 30 overs before finally being put out.The highlight of his at bat of course being the full length on off stump to get to 50 runs in on the fifth bowl of Over 36.A fast bowl low and on line to the wickets from specialist Bowler Imran Tahir, rather than golfing down for it and producing what would have likely been an easy catch out, or a short length for no runs he cleverly angled the bat and sent it nearly over his left shoulder for a full length FOUR. His personal Run Rate nearly outpacing that of the entire South African team.At press time the RSA team has produced 10/1 in 8 overs for an RR over 1.1 less than the England team.

Now if that all sound…

The Rest of the World Should Stop Trying to do Sports

It is irrefutable that the United States is the king of sports in the global stage, not that we dominate all sports, but we certainly play host to the premier professional leagues. We crown the Super Bowl winners “World Champions” the MLB annually holds the “World Series” (a little more excusable with the inclusion of Toronto.) Ironically the most international league, the NHL, does not give the Stanley Cup champions any sort of global title (anymore) but with the fall of the Soviet Union they have become the premier league in the world. And the NBA does whatever they do, I assume it’s the best because there are players from other continents. However it is interesting to note that there are some games that the USA does not lead the world in, and some that are not even played on a professional level in the nation.

Soccer (Futball), Cricket, Rugby, being the most notable. We are going to ignore rugby as that is one of the most rapidly expanding sports in America a…

The Most Exciting Season in Sports

Coming up are some of the more electric events, I am certainly not talking about the NBA finals with the majority of their drama and intrigue coming off of the court, and largely based around LeBron’s drinking problem.I am not talking about the US open, which is bound to be a great weekend at historic pebble beach. There are some historic competitions that I am not even going to go in depth on, The French Open and the Cricket world cup taking place now. Somehow I am not even referring to the most intense of all finals series the Stanley Cup finals, which is bound to be an incredible series with the Blues getting a rematch of their last Stanley Cup final almost 50 years in the making against the juggernaut Boston Bruins.Of course the nation is rooting for the deprived and drought riddled city of Boston, nearly 4 months since their last major sports championship parade.So as everyone well knows we are in the midst of championship season, some big events have passed with the Ken…