Alex Morgan Is Having A Baby Girl; 2039 USWNT Names It's Captain

Oh boy oh boy (or actually oh girl) I don’t even know where to begin.I guess for starters the obvious, Congrats on the sex Alex and Servando, we all know where that is where this all started. You two are literally #goals When I had heard that US women’s national team star, and shoe in 2028 presidential winner, (should she chose to run when eligible) Alex Morgan was out for the rest of the season I was deeply saddened.Almost as sad as men (and women) across the nation were when they realized that she was married.But now it appears as though that time off was not in vein, and that pesky knee injury didn’t stop the 2 time world cup winner from putting in a little work on the home front. We are already in love and we haven’t even met her yet. Newest member of the Carrasco family, coming soon. — Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13) October 23, 2019 On October 23rd Alex and husband Servando Carrasco announced on social media that they were expecting a baby girl in April of…

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